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on dreaming…

I took a nap this evening and while in the land of Nod, I had several dreamettes. (Note – these are not summaries. This is how I dream.)

1. I dreamed Luke had thrown away all the dumplings from the Chicken and dumplings because he had “leaned over the pot and his hair fell on top of them”.

2. I dreamed I was sitting in my chair in the gameroom when I saw one of those walking sticks (the bug) climbing down a pile of twisted branches. The pile of branches was next to my chair and somehow this was not unusual. I tried to capture the walking stick but it evaded me. I thought i captured it once but it turned out to be a sock. There were also young kittens in the room.

3. I was part of some type of military squad and had been instructed to drive to a certain location. The vehicle was my Honda Accord & there was a very small kitten in the car. This bothered me because I distinctly remembered cleaning out the car and removing all of the kittens.

4. I was in my car with my mother and we were picking up a high school acquaintence of mine that I never really cared for back then. She was about 8 months pregnant and was smoking a cigarette. I admonished her but she confidently said she’d been smoking and drinking throughout the pregnancy. Confidently.

5. At some point my friend Angela asked me to stop by our mutual friend Kelly’s house to make sure everthing was ok. I pulled into the driveway and the yard was packed with people because there was a party going on. I stepped out if the car and asked someone for Kelly. Before I got any further, both Ang & her Dad came walking toward me. I have no ideas why she would ask me to stop by to check on something if she was going to be there.