On racism…

I wonder if people who judge dark skinned people by the color of their skin ever go to tanning salons.

On feminism…

Being a feminist means being a strong, confident and capable woman who doesn’t allow the world to dictate her path in life. Feminism is a woman recognizing what makes her feel accomplished as a person and a woman. It’s about women making their own choices, even if those choices don’t result in power or financial riches.

I find it frustrating that some people (self proclaimed feminists included) refer to a woman who stays home with the kids as trapped or unfortunate. Quite often a women that stays at home is more of a feminist than the ones condemning their lifestyle. They chose to stay at home. They’re not being “held back by the man”, they’re doing what any good feminist should; making their own choices along their path.

I get a kick out of supposed feminists telling other women they shouldn’t stay at home. Oxymoron? I think so.

Personally I prefer to have the role of caretaker in relationships. I want to be the one who fixes meals and does the dishes. I love the feeling I get from simple things like making the coffee in the morning, handing over a warm towel fresh fronted dryer after a shower or warming up the car on a wintery day. I prefer to be in the subservient side of things because it fulfills my need to take care of people. It makes me feel more feminine because in my professional life, I do not have that luxury.

I’m not a feminist. I’m just a girl with her own ideals.