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On clarity…

If you’re holding on to a goal that only exists inside the small microcosm you’ve created for it, you will not only fail to reach your goal but you won’t be able to enjoy the experiences that life has to offer.
I think we all have one goal that we shouldn’t be trying to reach. That one goal that we’re trying to attain just for the sake of attaining it or because we’re afraid to give up.
I have a goal I’m afraid to give up on. I don’t even like typing that because I’m so entwined in reaching it.

I wish I could say the words I want to say but I can’t. I can, but I won’t because I’m too scared.

If you love someone for something they aren’t you can never lose them because you didn’t really¬†find them in the first place.

Clarity I have. What I need is chutzpah.